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Welcome to SoftQual!

The Software Quality Engineering Research Group (SoftQual) is an industry-oriented research group. It is affiliated with the Software Engineering Research Group (SERG), and is part of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our overall objective is to develop new methodologies and tools to develop higher quality industrial software in a cost-effective manner. We adopt a rigorous, problem-driven, and realistic approach to every problem as we view industrial software development as an engineering discipline.


Sept. 2012:

Annual word clouds from our publications... (for 2012)

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August 2012:

Several exciting MSc and PhD positions are available in our group. The projects are in area of Software Quality Engineering and Testing and in collaboration with the industry. See the Open Positions page for details and to apply.

June 2012:

The SoftQual team has started the commercialization of the OptimalPipeline software.

Our Research Approach and Research Projects

We utilize action research and empirical approaches in our research and development (R&D) activities, since we are passionate about bridging software engineering academia and practice and we believe that the software engineering theory and techniques should be rigorously evaluated in industrial settings.

Please refer to the research project page for details on our current and past industrial research projects.

In the area of software engineering, research impact is of outmost importance. For example, there are projects (e.g., ACM SIGSOFT Impact Project) and even papers (1 and 2) measuring and analyzing the impact of software engineering research on software engineering practice. Our research approach and projects are well aligned in this direction, to ensure that our research activities and output have a noticeable impact on the software engineering practice.

Since August 2011, we have decided to have a dedicated page where we place links to papers, talks, articles, etc. on Useful Software Engineering Research.

Research Areas and Expertise

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Testing, Software Test Engineering
  • Model-driven Software Engineering using the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Search-based Software Engineering (SBSE)
  • Empirical Studies and Experimentation in Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Education (SEEd) Research: Testing Education in particular
  • Distributed, Real-Time and Embedded Software Systems
  • Software Performance Engineering
  • Developing Scientific Software
  • Software Engineering for Oil Pipeline Systems


Information for Potential Industrial Partners
Information for Prospective Graduate Students


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